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“Here’s a tip I recommend you implement right now. Decades ago when I first started selling I was insecure. Having started out as an operations person I often wondered if I would be able to cut it in sales. Early on I received an email message from a prospective client thanking me for the value in our meeting and complimenting me on my approach and professionalism. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I saved it. I did more than save it – I read it over and over because it reminded me that what I was doing and the approach I was taking was working. It reminded me of what clients value in my interactions with them.

Over time I received similar emails and I kept those too. In fact, they began to pile up. One day, as I was cleaning up my email, I decided these praise emails were cluttering up my inbox so I created a folder called “Accolades for Me” and I put them all in it. I still remember – I had 68 emails in that folder after cleaning out my inbox.

On tough days, or days I was feeling insecure, I would go to that folder and walk through these wonderful emails that reminded me of the things I was doing right. (I have to tell you that it is inspiring and elevating 100% of the time when I do this.) Each email brings with it the pleasant memory of an experience of helping someone else where they were truly grateful and went out of their way to thank me.

I recommend you do the same thing. In whatever email system you use, create a place to store all of your “Accolade” emails and continue filling it up as time goes on. You will find your return to this special place inspiring in a way that is unlike any other – because they are all about YOU – things you did, things others appreciated about you and successes you have achieved.

It’s decades later now and as of this writing my “Accolades for Me” folder has over 1,200 emails in it. These days I have to be careful because a trip to the Accolades folder is so satisfying now that it can suck me in for a long time – but it never fails to inspire, motivate and put things in perspective for me. It makes me feel good to think that I have helped others in some way. I want that for you too, so set up your own folder today so you can start receiving the same benefits.

What you see below are excerpts from my “Accolades for Me” folder that I thought you might enjoy and tell you a little something about me as you are trying to get to know me better. Many of my “accolade” messages are too personal in nature to share and others might have come across as boastful so I’ve selected just a few to share here.

I hope they inspire you to create your own “Accolades for Me” folder and provide a little insight as to who I am as a person. Enjoy.”


I have benefitted greatly from knowing him as a person and reporting to him as my manager. Renaissance man, mad genius, insatiable seeker of knowledge, generous sharer of knowledge (of which his is quite considerable), intrepid leader, gifted teacher, incredible presenter, extraordinary seller of stuff, health nut, musician, loving husband and father are but a few of the apt descriptions of James. One of the great things about James is that he would be whatever you needed him to be so you could be successful…coach, strategist, mentor, trainer, presenter, management buffer, friend. That was everything I needed to exceed quota every year he was my manager. For each one of us, he accepted the responsibility to do whatever was necessary to ensure our success. James has excelled at everything he touches. Subsequent to our direct relationship he took the reins of our RCM sales organization. Taking on a relatively disorganized sales process, James drew upon his deep knowledge of the industry (in a past life he owned an RCM company) and brought rigor to the sales and quoting process. While accomplishing that he managed to train the entire NextGen sales force turning us into an extremely effective RCM sales team. I don’t have exact figures, but I’m certain during his tenure he grew RCM sales many times over. A sales manager should be judged solely by how he makes his team better. Regardless of how effective a salesperson was on his team, I’m convinced everyone who has ever worked for or with James has become a much better version of their salesman selves…the good became great and the best even better. Similarly, and more importantly, a human being should be judged by their influence on others. In my mind, the best way to do that is by being a role model for others to learn by and grow from. I’m honored to say that James’ actions and words have had a wonderful impact on me both at work and in life. He is that great example of what other human beings should aspire to become.
Tim Neagle, Regional Account Executive at NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

James’ ability to inspire his teams is unmatched in the healthcare arena and unlike anything I have witnessed in the business world. His attitude and exemplification of servant leadership is something I have always admired of him. The level of trust that he has created amongst his colleagues and clients is awe-inspiring. As I continue my personal and professional development, it should surprise no one that James Muir sits on the top of my list of those who I will strive to emulate.
Jonathan Shivers Manager, Business Development at Navicure

As I reflect on the last year and over my entire career, I come to the conclusion that you’re one of the best I’ve seen at your trade. Perhaps the best. Not only should you be proud of that, but also be proud of the many people you’ve helped. You’ll never know all of the individuals you helped or their stories but know there are many.
Pat Cline, CEO Lightbeam Health Solutions

James Muir is like my Zig Zigler or Tony Robbins and I would bet everyone that works with him will say the same. James not only inspires you to want to be better and be a better person he is a brilliant business man too!
Terri Chamberlain, Regional Sales Director at Experian Health

Since working with you I have continued to read and study sales and have become known as sales bibliophile in a few circles. I almost feel guilty when the truth is that you have paved a great path for me. You have helped me to build a model for sales that I have become comfortable with. It requires abundant generosity but it is a small price since your generosity brought me to a greater understanding of introspection, analysis and preparation. I will always be grateful to you and esteem you as a most genuine friend and the absolute pioneer in the art and science of forensic sales.
Cory Hansen, Chief of Marketing Wasatch Digital

It’s rare to come across such a dynamic and passionate person as James. I have not met anyone who continually works to hone their craft as much as James- all in the name of adding value for his clients. In doing so, he encourages and challenges those around him to also perform to their potential, which is incredibly inspiring to see in action.
Lindsay Salvatore, MBA, Senior Strategic Business Analyst at QSI

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with James for over 6 years. He is an absolute master of detail and tenacity at his profession. He has mentored me to a very successful career at NextGen Health Care. His training sessions are extremely applicable and productive. I constantly refer to my “James Muir secret sauce folder” on my computer from all his training to continue sharpening the saw. He has helped me be better professional and human being. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.
Nathan Pratt, Sr. Account Executive at QSI | NextGen Healthcare

Your the best – I sincerely mean that – I wish we had 10 of you. Your philosophies on sales are right on the mark.
Jerry Shultz, EVP Sales NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.

Congratulations for your achievement – I am very fortunate to work with you – you’re the absolute best I have worked with in my 30 years in HealthCare
Jon Sommerhauser – Consultant in Revenue Cycle, Practice Management, & Population Health

James, thank you for all you have taught me over the past four years and for your mentorship. I have greatly appreciated you, your enthusiasm and knowledge of sales, your understanding of our industry, and your commitment to educating everyone around you.
Jamey Christensen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Sonifi


James adds value to the sales equation by teaching prospects & customers how they can achieve their objectives. As our industry rapidly changes James is constantly at the forefront showing his customers how to succeed in an ever changing environment and in process, making and himself and his team a valuable part of the equation. He is the value add – he delivers value to the customer.
Jerry Shultz, President at Lightbeam Health Solutions

There are certain characteristics that are found in some people that just make them good leaders. You have them all. Outside of the typical ones of integrity, dedication, enthusiasm, yadayadaya…… You teach. And beyond your teaching, you learn by deep research and then you share. And the joy that you obviously get out of sharing is such a great thing to witness.
Patti Peets, Director, Revenue Cycle Management CareCloud

You have done so much for the Sales organization with your RAMP information. Thank you for that. You are at the tip of the spear for us and I appreciate your efforts. In my career, I’ve been lucky to work with many amazing Sales people and I want you to know I consider you to be among an elite short group of superstars. Thanks.
Chris Button, Vice President of Sales – Mid Atlantic Region – NextGen Healthcare

I think we need a compass to look down at once in a while to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. Thanks for being the compass!
Steve Roberts, AVP of Business Development at Inventurus Knowledge Solutions

Wow, you are like the ever ready bunny, you run constantly! We do appreciate all your hard work and preparation. We are blessed to have you please know you can call on me any time for support. Thanks again for all your hard work, that is the best leadership there is, by example! Gene Gallogly, District VP of SouthEast at NextGen Healthcare Information Systems
James, thank you for all you have taught me over the past four years and for your mentorship. I have greatly appreciated you, your enthusiasm and knowledge of sales, your understanding of our industry, and your commitment to educating everyone around you. My best sales books have come from you…don’t be surprised if I drop you a line to get some recommendations on how to best train my new team.
Jamey Christensen – Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Sonifi Health

Because of your inspiration, my goal is one new book every week. Your leadership has truly changed me forever my friend and I really do thank you for that change.
Danny Clemens, National Account Executive at Lightbeam Health Solutions

It is a real privilege to work with you and to get to know you. You are truly one of the brightest minds I have ever come across.
James Egloff, Vice President of Sales at Phoenix Ortho

Thanks for getting this going. You are always pushing us forward and it makes us better.
John Dulcey, Physician Consultant & Senior Manager Accenture


James, thanks for coming out to this year’s Partner Meeting. Our reseller partners really appreciate you making time to share some of your sales techniques and strategies with them. We have the resellers complete a survey regarding the conference. And this year I thought it was a good idea to send each presenter their individual survey results and comments. Excellent job…you got the highest score of all the presenters!
Carol Walker, Channel Liaison, Business Development NextGen Healthcare

James, thanks again for your presentation. You were the top rated presenter again. Could you please send me a copy of the slides? Your content was great! I was tracking attention and you kept almost everyone with you the entire time until after 4:00 pm ET when people had to sign off.
Delinda Tinkey Sales and Marketing Automation Manager Evolve IP

James, The presentation was phenomenal; the content, style, pace, and diction were all gold standard. Beyond the explicit content, was the implicit. When you present, or talk to a customer, you have a style that is incomparable. The best comparison that I can think of is velocity. Velocity is the distance traveled per unit of time, and, often, sales people consider themselves a success if they can throw a pitch at a consistent rate. The issue of constancy seems important to you, but you do something different. You throw the equivalent of a medicine ball rather than a baseball and the effect is that the medicine ball leaves a more significant impact. Your words can be parsed out and the message unpacked and the impact lingers mostly because it is principle based and not just tenets. Additionally, your “throwing of the medicine ball,” appears to be no more labor intensive than a smaller object; you deliver bundles of content rather than packets of answers. Your style is a perfect metaphor for technology that is feature rich and heavily architectured (not an official word) but the concepts are immediately comprehensible and the activity cab be digested over time. You make me want to work all that much harder, and everyday, the level of what I know I don’t know increases. I am very grateful for all the time that I get with you.
Cory Hansen, Chief of Marketing Wasatch Digital

We were very fortunate to have heard your all-too-brief presentation yesterday. After you spoke our group agreed that we had already received the value of our cost of travel and time out of the field. We are going to begin implementing some of the things that we learned or were reminded of by you. Thank you.
Brent Laird, Business Development Manager Informed Medical Networks

James, Great seeing you again at the sales meeting. As usual, found your presentation and workshop to be the highlight.
Dan Baker, Vice President Sales at Syapse Inc.

James, I really can’t thank you enough for the presentation. You are so darn good at what you do, it really does make a difference and is a huge help to the partners.
Anthony Landauer, AVP, Channels at NextGen Healthcare

That was fun. I enjoyed listening to the master. Thanks again!
Gary Voydanoff, Executive VP, Sales and Marketing, NextGen Healthcare

By the way at the AZ Client Meeting – I think your presentation was by far the best presentation!! Several clients were talking about it later.
Marla Marrone, Senior Account Executive at QSI

Nothing but good feedback James. You are an amazing speaker as you know. Thanks for all your help.
Robert Murry, MD. VP Clinical Product Management, NextGen Healthcare

Thanks! Great job today! I don’t know if everyone in that room knew all the good information that were getting. I know our team knows the value of this stuff.
Chuck Leider, EHR Project Manager Houston Ear, Nose and Throat Clinics

There’s nobody at NG that does a better job of presenting information than you. (and that’s really not a kiss up!)
Steve Roberts, AVP of Business Development at Inventurus Knowledge Solutions

James, I want to thank you for your presentation today, it really reinforced what we are trying to accomplish from a sales perspective. My sales folk got a lot out of it!! Thanks again.
Steve Clark, CEO Informed Medical Networks

Awesome presentation today…full of expertise and common sense analogy. Industry facts such as payer underpayment, really made attending more than efficient.
Mara Robertson, Community Health Network, Inc.

James, thanks for a gerat webex. The rave reviews have already started to pour in. If you would like, I can distribute the ppt via our FTP site for the resellers. Some of them have difficulties recieving attachments, especially if they are large ones. Thanks again.
Brad Weir, Business Analyst Siemens Healthcare

In The Field

Do you know how much I appreciate you? You leave nothing uncovered in your discovery. It makes all the difference in whether the customer ends up happy or gets pissed off during implementation because a surprise or two emerges and we have to scramble to handle it. Thank you sooo much!
Nancy Team – Product Manager, Inpatient Solutions NextGen Healthcare

James’s tireless pursuit of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I’ve never met a more driven sales professional and I consider it a privilege to be on his team.
Jerry Shultz, President at Lightbeam Health Solutions

Thanks for the help. You didn’t have to, but I appreciate it. It sounds like this worked out well for everyone. Thanks for alerting me to this opportunity. You and I are heroes with the implementation group. Glenn Edwards

“Kelly and James,
Thank you for being at our implementation meeting. It is nice to have sales that are interested in the success of the clinic. I realize things will transition away from you, but we appreciate your interest.
Please pass something on to your boss for me. We demo’d at least 20 EMR’s and saw a lot of demonstrators/ sales people. The two of you and Jeff do an outstanding job. The product is great, but it also takes a great sales team and you are.
* You know the product
* You are enthusiastic about the product
* You know the business (we felt you understood our business).
* You seem sincere and honest
* You seem to try to not over promise and were not afraid to say when you did not know something or if the product could not do something.
* You had prompt follow up.
* You listened to us. We could tell that NextGen is a company that listens to its users which was important to us.
We asked each of the final candidates several questions about implementation, preference between tablets and PC’s, etc.
We asked these questions not looking for the answer so much as looking at how the company understood our business. One vendor responded “”We support either, it does not matter to us what you use””. You responded that NextGen supports either, but then explained some of the advantages and disadvantages of each, what some other clients are using and how they like it, and how we would work together to make the best decision for our clinic.
I have been following the MGMA list serve responding to inquiries about system selection and sharing our choice to select you with whoever will listen. I also just wrote an article for submission to MGMA regarding our process for selection. I do not name you, but would if people e-mailed me for more info.
We continue to plan to be a great site for you.”
David J. Kane, CPA, MBA, Ogden Clinic (Now VP of Operations at HCA Physician Services)

James Muir, I was impressed with your NG knowledge, sales-skills and overall attitude when we first met. Your efforts continue to reap large rewards which are well deserved.
Conni Zukowski, Senior Inside Sales Representative NextGen Healthcare

I have always looked at this as a partnership and you have been there in the past when I need assistance. I am just glad we met. I am not sure if I was good or just lucky.
Glenn Edwards, Vice President, Business Applications Banner Health Systems

James is a great manager. Period.
Jerry Shultz


I am on the plane returning from your sales meeting and reviewed your How to Reduce Costs ppt again. This stuff rocks. I don’t know where you find the time to do the research and develop this material. Many of these slides and concepts are going to find a permanent home in my ppts and presentations in the future. Well done and thank you for your investment in time in gathering this stuff. It makes my life much easier.
Paul Bergeson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Lightbeam Health Solutions

James, the greatest take away I got this week was seeing what you’ve done with the marketing spreadsheet. I would really like to get a copy of the PPT you did on this and the actual program/spreadsheet you’ve built. Thanks again for all you are doing. Very smart and it’s great to see the way you’ve attacked and continue to attack your world.
Chris Button, Vice President of Sales – Mid Atlantic Region – NextGen Healthcare

Hi James…I wanted to drop a quick, but very big “THANK YOU” for the time you spent putting together all the RAMP, CHS & Selling Hospitals data. I rolled up my sleeves this weekend and really spent some time on the .PPT slides, scripts, etc. It’s an unbelievable amount of information and I can only imagine the time you put into the project. An “A+” is not an high enough grade man… Thanks again.
Brian Schmitz, CEO at Clinect Healthcare, Inc.

It’s something I’ve wanted to dive into for two years and haven’t. All of your endless hours of research and reading is going to be very VALUABLE to us all and the amount of time you’ve just saved us from having to figure it all out – priceless…. Thank you. – Patti Peets, Director, Revenue Cycle Management CareCloud
I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge on how to sell to hospitals at the sales meeting. I really got a lot out of it and plan to focus on incorporating what I learned into my hospital campaign.
Kristy Boldt, Director of Marketing Benetrends Financial

You should write a book on messaging techniques. I sent this after our call yesterday and here is the response. Thanks again for your help!!!
Mark Gaines, Director of Sales and Marketing at Systeem Medical Information Systems

James, kudos to you. Thanks so much for the documentation you put together. I have already used it. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into that and in general the tools you are always willing to provide to the sales team. Great stuff!
Maria Walker, VP Sales & Business Development Simbiote Development, LLC


I would describe James as a student of sales methodology with the unique ability to take the best attributes from each and align them to fit the healthcare space. His presentations/workshops enable the sales teams to hone their skills and leave each meeting with an action plan that can be utilized for immediate impact. As successful as James has been, I have been amazed at his personal effort to help others identify and take the steps to achieve their own professional goals. James provides the tools and coaching to enable sales professionals to defined a path and create a plan to exceed goals. I have personal experience with James as a coach while working as a sales leader in an emerging healthcare space. James always provides perspective and clarity on how to breakdown a complex benefits to match buyer needs.
Steve Roberts, AVP of Business Development at Inventurus Knowledge Solutions

James takes the time to know the team he is managing and provides the right feedback to allow a salesperson to leverage their strengths and improve their challenges. He becomes not only a “professional coach” but a “life coach”. I’ve watched him transform lives and heard many colleagues say that he changed their lives. James’ coaching and training skills inspire you and motivate you to excel and stive to be the best you can be. His detail to citing sources and creating substantive training material is the best I’ve seen. I’ve watched him transform teams. He faces change with an unmatched forward thinking optimism and is literally able to leap tall buildings that many wouldn’t even attempt.
Patti Peets, Director, Revenue Cycle Management CareCloud

James exhudes the professional generosity that comes from confidence and I appreciate that. He’s smart and funny and generous with what he knows. He really pays attention and that is reflected in the feedback he gives after each teachback. His sales people are very, very lucky. They not only get to learn a process that will help them be successful; they have a ball doing it.
Monica Postell, Senior Designer and Consultant at MHI Global

James, it has been a tremendous honor to work with you. I have come to hold you in the highest regard. The experience and personal growth I have earned from my association with you has changed my life for the better by leaps and bounds, and I will never, ever, forget it. Thank you it has been an amazing ride. You are an awesome person.
Jay Kurts, IBM: Information Integration & Governance – Sales Lead

Thanks James. I always enjoy a conversation with you and I always get something out of it. With your help my coaching abilities are increasing and I feel my reports are getting something out of it.
Steve Roberts, AVP of Business Development at Inventurus Knowledge Solutions

I know you’re on vacation but I had to tell you THANK YOU!!! Look – I went from over 3200 emails to 0! Maybe I can be on the “text book” stories now! Thanks for help! Enjoy your family time.
Carmen McGraw, PA, Senior Clinical Consultant Creager Consulting Services

Thanks James, you are a great mentor and highly motivating. How will I ever repay you? This really means a lot and the timing is impeccable. Many thanks to you for helping me live my dream for so long now!
Charitie Horsley, Director of Operations at HCA Physician Services

I’ve never met anyone who was able to help me the way James has. James has changed they way clients view me. Clients now view me as a partner. James’ business acumen, positive attitude and his ability to empathize make him an invaluable teacher. James is a joy to work with and I can easily say I am a better sales rep and person by having been able to work closely together and learn from James.
Regan Costello, Executive Sales NextGen Healthcare


James is outstanding. His ability to Train/Coach/Create human development in a number of areas is unparalleled. I have personally been involved and seen first hand of the success, and in fact have been the recipient of his training. His Sales Strategy/Consultative Selling is on par with any knowledge in the industry. Having worked with James for over 24 years has a been a pleasure and a great experience!
Kelly Skeen, Vice President of Ambulatory Sales at NextGen Healthcare

James’ sales training ability is the best I have seen in terms of market relevance, audience engagement and fulfillment of expectations. James has an enviable way of using his years of successful sales experience (both as a Sales Executive and Sales Manager) to the concepts he is trying to convey in a way that the rep can relate to and be useful with immediately. I highly recommend James to any organization looking to improve their sales force.
Greg Uhde, Executive Sales NextGen Healthcare

Tom Hopkins has nothing on you! Awesome material James. Thanks for training us.
Terri Chamberlain, Regional Sales Director at Experian Health

Thanks for a great training the past few days. The entire team learned alot and should improve their efforts for new lead gen and account activity. Will keep you informed of progress as we make strides to implement this among the SR’s in the coming weeks. Your the best and your efforts to make us all better is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
James A. Christensen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at SONIFI Health

James, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to speak with the resellers today. I learned some very helpful items during your section this afternoon. It was the best of all the sessions. Thanks,
Will Bieber, Director of Sales & Marketing Itentive Healthcare Solutions

Thanks so much for taking the time to train/present to the VAR sales folks! This was an invaluable session for the VAR’s that will result in more sales!
Ike Ellison, Executive VP, Business Development at Conversio Health

James, thanks again for the sales messaging training. I truly learn something new every time I see you. Your insight and knowledge on this are invaluable. Thank you.
Mark Gaines, Director of Sales and Marketing at Systeem Medical Information Systems

Great job today James. I appreciate your willingness to share some of your trade secrets with our sales staff.
Bill Montgomery, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Etransmedia Technology, Inc.

I have worked with James for 10 years and come to understand that he is truly the best of the best because of his incredible passion, his love of learning and teaching, and his unique ability to always be an asset to his customers and colleagues. I thank him for making me the salesperson I am today.
Jeff Waldron, Executive Sales NextGen Healthcare

Your training was fantastic! Thanks a million!
Eric Ahlman, CEO Imaging Management Group

Just wanted to shoot out a cool result from our training last week! We have been spinning our wheels trying to get into a large health system in Oklahoma. We have tried multiple different contacts and been stonewalled at each turn. After the training, I gave it a shot using James’ method and the messaging we worked on in Texas. I found a list of executives on their website because I did not think the person I had originally been targeting would be as responsive to the message. Yesterday, I sent the email below and followed with an Outlook Invite to the COO for a call tomorrow. This evening, he accepted the invite and we are scheduled for a 15 min. call tomorrow morning! We’ll see where it goes! “I love it when a plan comes together”- Hannibal Smith A-Team : )
Chris Beard, Financial Consultant at Shaw Financial Services, Inc.

Wow! Are you sure you want to stay in sales?? We need someone like you working this kind of magic on a continual basis : ) You should be a professional trainer. Thanks so much!
Terri Chamberlain, Regional Sales Director at Experian Health

Maybe some day – “I have dream” we could promote you to a position responsible for sales training, readiness, q/a, methodology, or whatever you want to call it. Be cool to have that in-house. We already spend anywhere from $30 to $40K every time we bring in Miller Heimen or somebody.
Jerry Shultz, EVP Sales NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.

Great job today…Exactly what we needed to hear and to be doing in our presentations…you are in the wrong business however…you should be out on the circuit doing trainings professionally for millions!
James A. Christensen, MHA – Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at SONIFI Health