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Problems We Solve

When sales and service professionals come to James for help, these are some of the common challenges he helps them solve.

  • We are not closing a high enough percentage of our sales.
  • It is challenging for me to advance the sale without sounding pushy.
  • It is challenging for us to articulate our value proposition to others.
  • It is challenging for me to differentiate myself from the competition.
  • Selling isn’t fun – it’s my least favorite part of the job.
  • I’m new to sales/I’m not really a salesperson (but I need to sell) and I don’t know where to begin.

James’s clients call on him to provide:

Who’s Not A Good Fit

  • If you are a pro at selling and closing is easy for you.
  • If you are willing to use deception or manipulation to get business.
  • If you are involved in simple one-call sales transactions.

What People Are Saying

“I would describe James as a student of sales methodology with the unique ability to take the best attributes from each and align them to fit the healthcare space. His presentations/workshops enable the sales teams to hone their skills and leave each meeting with an action plan that can be utilized for immediate impact. As successful as James has been, I have been amazed at his personal effort to help others identify and take the steps to achieve their own professional goals. James provides the tools and coaching to enable sales professionals to defined a path and create a plan to exceed goals. I have personal experience with James as a coach while working as a sales leader in an emerging healthcare space. James always provides perspective and clarity on how to breakdown a complex benefits to match buyer needs.”

Steve Roberts, AVP of Business Development at Inventurus Knowledge Solutions

“James is outstanding. His ability to Train/Coach/Create human development in a number of areas is unparalleled. I have personally been involved and seen first hand of the success, and in fact have been the recipient of his training. His Sales Strategy/Consultative Selling is on par with any knowledge in the industry. Having worked with James for over 24 years has a been a pleasure and a great experience!”

Kelly Skeen, Western Regional VP of Sales at SONIFI Health

“James’ sales training ability is the best I have seen in terms of market relevance, audience engagement and fulfillment of expectations. James has an enviable way of using his years of successful sales experience (both as a Sales Executive and Sales Manager) to the concepts he is trying to convey in a way that the rep can relate to and be useful with immediately. I highly recommend James to any organization looking to improve their sales force.”

Greg Uhde, Executive Sales NextGen Healthcare

Are you ready to close more sales?

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