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How to Sell Using Insight

How to Sell Using Insight

Recent research shows that 95% of buyers expect insight from sellers and yet similar research shows that 85% of sales interactions fail to meet buyer expectations. It has never been more important to sell using insight than today. In this keynote recording you will discover:

  • Shocking predictions about the future of sales
  • Why prospective clients are less responsive than in times past
  • A major tweak to your sales approach that will get you past this new big hurdle and give you freedom to sell any time, any place to any prospect

You will hear how I learned the hard way why data and information is not insight and how I learned what clients really want and what they really value. You’ll discover the three elements that make good insight and the four areas to focus on when adding value.

Finally, you will hear an actual example of this strategy being applied in real life and how you can apply it to your type of sale.

I enjoyed delivering this keynote and I hope you enjoy listening to it now!

James Muir


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How to Sell Using Insight

by James Muir

  • Thanks for listening! You can download the recording of the keynote address here: How to Sell with Insight