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I’m usually brought in when…

  • Sales are not closing at a high enough rate.
  • Companies & individuals need more opportunities in their pipeline.
  • Companies & individuals find it challenging to articulate their value proposition & differentiate themselves to others.
  • New, inexperienced or non-sales personnel need coaching and education on how to sell.


Organizations have me speak about closing, developing new business and taking their take sales performance to a higher level while remaining genuine and authentic to their value system.

I have spoken for some of the biggest names in technology and healthcare. Combining the latest industry drivers with the most recent ideas and best practices I help sales and services organizations take sales performance to a higher level while remaining genuine and authentic to their value system.

I deliver keynote sessions, lead workshops, seminars, conferences, retreats, sales team meetings, and breakout sessions. I love interacting with the audience so I’m likely to have a conversation with your audience even during a keynote.

Here are some examples of typical engagements:

  • 60-90 minute keynote on the state of the sales industry and insight selling.
  • Full-day and two-day workshops covering facilitative discovery, complex sales and selected sales topics from The Perfect Close.
  • Half-day workshops on closing, sales productivity & social selling.
  • Full-day hands-on workshop for sales and service professionals on preparing and executing social selling.
  • Custom-created full-day advanced session on value proposition and messaging creation.
  • 1-2 hour session and workshop for sales & service professionals on developing their sales plan.

“James, thanks for coming out to this year’s Partner Meeting. Our reseller partners really appreciate you making time to share some of your sales techniques and strategies with them.  Excellent job…you got the highest score of all the presenters!”

Carol Walker, Channel Liaison, Business Development NextGen Healthcare

“We were very fortunate to have heard your all-too-brief presentation yesterday. After you spoke our group agreed that we had already received the value of our cost of travel and time out of the field. We are going to begin implementing some of the things that we learned or were reminded of by you. Thank you.”

Brent Laird, Business Development Manager Informed Medical Networks

“James, Great seeing you at the sales meeting. Your presentation and workshop was the highlight.”

Dan Baker, Vice President Sales at Synapse Inc.

“Nothing but good feedback James. You are an amazing speaker as you know. Thanks for all your help.”

Robert Murry, MD. Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) Hunterdon Medical Center


I coach sales teams, sales managers and service professionals.

My greatest joy comes from working with new and inexperienced sales and service professionals. I love coaching. I confess I’m on a mission to teach how being genuinely authentic creates both the highest levels of success and happiness.

I work with sales and service organizations looking to improve financial performance by improving their close ratios. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s biggest names in technology and Healthcare. I have a holistic perspective on sales coaching so that means we sometimes have to address challenges on the personal side of things in order to reach the highest levels of performance.

I have enjoyed coaching with managers, entrepreneurs and sales & service professionals.

NOTE: Right now all of my coaching time is dedicated to the sales and service professionals at Avaap. In the future I may offer an online coaching group and mastermind. If you have an interest in participating in something like this please contact me directly.

“I would describe James as a student of sales methodology with the unique ability to take the best attributes from each and align them to fit the healthcare space. His presentations/workshops enable the sales teams to hone their skills and leave each meeting with an action plan that can be utilized for immediate impact. As successful as James has been, I have been amazed at his personal effort to help others identify and take the steps to achieve their own professional goals. James provides the tools and coaching to enable sales professionals to defined a path and create a plan to exceed goals. I have personal experience with James as a coach while working as a sales leader in an emerging healthcare space. James always provides perspective and clarity on how to breakdown a complex benefits to match buyer needs.”

Steve Roberts, AVP of Business Development at Inventurus Knowledge Solutions

“James takes the time to know the team he is managing and provides the right feedback to allow a salesperson to leverage their strengths and improve their challenges. He becomes not only a “professional coach” but a “life coach”. I’ve watched him transform lives and heard many colleagues say that he changed their lives. James’ coaching and training skills inspire you and motivate you to excel and strive to be the best you can be. His detail to citing sources and creating substantive training material is the best I’ve seen. I’ve watched him transform teams. He faces change with an unmatched forward thinking optimism and is literally able to leap tall buildings that many wouldn’t even attempt.”

Patti Peets, Director, Revenue Cycle Management CareCloud

“James exudes the professional generosity that comes from confidence and I appreciate that. He’s smart and funny and generous with what he knows. He really pays attention and that is reflected in the feedback he gives after each teachback. His sales people are very, very lucky. They not only get to learn a process that will help them be successful; they have a ball doing it.”

Monica Postell, Senior Designer and Consultant at MHI Global

Best Practice Advisor

I offer best practice advice to sales teams, sales & marketing managers and service professionals.

I am passionate about continually discovering, teaching and applying the best practices in sales and marketing and my unique position allows me to test and put those practices into action daily. Sometimes I’m brought in to help identify challenges and sometimes I am invited to help organizations take their game to the next level.

Every engagement is unique. I am candid about my observations regarding people, leadership, culture, market and sales process.

Right now my engagements are limited to healthcare clients where I feel I can offer the most value.

“James adds value to the sales equation by teaching prospects & customers how they can achieve their objectives. As our industry rapidly changes James is constantly at the forefront showing his customers how to succeed in an ever changing environment and in process, making and himself and his team a valuable part of the equation. He is the value add – he delivers value to the customer.”

Jerry Shultz, President at Lightbeam Health Solutions

“I think we need a compass to look down at once in a while to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. Thanks for being the compass!”

Steve Roberts, AVP of Business Development at Inventurus Knowledge Solutions

“You are always pushing us forward and it makes us better.”

John Dulcey, Physician Consultant & Senior Manager Accenture

“It’s rare to come across such a dynamic and passionate person as James. I have not met anyone who continually works to hone their craft as much as James- all in the name of adding value for his clients. In doing so, he encourages and challenges those around him to also perform to their potential, which is incredibly inspiring to see in action.”

Lindsay Salvatore, MBA, Senior Strategic Business Analyst at QSI