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James Muir

Tactical Prospecting Planning Tool

A common problem for salespeople is underestimating how much activity it will actually take for them to hit their goal and knowing which activities are most effective to achieve that aim. The Tactical Prospecting Planning Tool solves this problem.

It will help you:

  1. Identify if your plan is realistic.
  2. Identify the exact activities that will be required to achieve your goal.
  3. Identify both the quantity of activities and time commitment required to achieve your goal.
  4. Identify the optimal channels and areas to focus on to maximize your time selling.
  5. Take into account sales cycle time when planning so your results don’t fall short.
  6. Add their own channels for creative planning.
  7. Calculate how much time will be devoted to prospecting and how much will be left for other sales activities.

Clarity around activities makes every goal easier. This tool will give you clarity around all your prospecting activities.

I enjoyed creating it for you. I hope you find it useful!

James Muir

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Tactical Prospecting Planning Tool

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