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Get #1 Sales Book on Closing

Rated one of the top sales books
of 2016 by Top Sales World!

The latest science shows that old counter-productive closing tactics hold you back. In The Perfect Close you will learn a closing method that is nearly always successful (in the 95% range). It’s zero pressure and involves just two questions. It’s a clear & simple approach that is flexible enough to use on every kind of sale at every given stage. It can be learned in less than an hour and mastered in a day. It is especially helpful for new and inexperienced salespeople and professionals who dislike the “stigma” of selling and/or find the selling process awkward or uncomfortable.

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  5. And Many Other Helpful Closing Resources

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Praise For The Perfect Close

Read this book. Absorb it and it will change the way you use your craft. And…. it will change your life. I have seen these methods used and perfected for over 20 years and I can tell you, this is the real deal. Well done James!

J Kelly Skeen Vice President Sales, NextGen Healthcare

All of your endless hours of research is very VALUABLE to us all and the amount of time you’ve just saved us from having to figure it all out – priceless…. Thank you

Patti Peets, Director, Revenue Cycle Management CareCloud

I love knowing that there is someone else out there that shares the same enthusiasm that I do for learning and reading and accomplishing! You are truly an inspiration to me. You take action and love to help people be their best selves. You eagerly and gladly share new ideas and information with others and want to help them be better. You are a tremendous mentor and leader. Thank you so much!

Julie Whitehead, Speech-Language Pathologist, MS

About James Muir

James Muir is a professional sales trainer, speaker and coach.  As a Vice President at NextGen Healthcare he is in the trenches daily with reps educating, coaching and taking on the challenges of the day.  Over his nearly three decades in sales, James has performed in every selling role.  His counsel comes from experience and the school of hard knocks.  He has a fresh and practical perspective on what works in real life and what doesn’t.

His greatest professional joy comes from working with new and inexperienced professionals.  James is on a mission to teach new and inexperienced sales and service professionals how being genuinely authentic creates the highest levels of success and happiness.

James is passionate, enthusiastic and fun.  He likes to have fun while he works.  He understands the challenges and concerns that come with being new to selling and created easily learned principles, actionable education and training that can best help others achieve their highest potential.

James is a fitness fan, musician and organic chemistry buff.  James lives in the mountains of Salt Lake City with his wife and two sons.

You can find James on:
LinkedIn –
Facebook –
Twitter –  @B2B_SalesTips