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Bonus Resources

For The Perfect Close Workbook

Thank you for investing in yourself by purchasing The Perfect Close Workbook.

Everything you need to learn and implement The Perfect Close is contained within. If you were to attend any Perfect Close workshop, this is the workbook we would use.

If you invest the short amount of time it takes to learn this clear and simple method, you will dramatically improve your sales results and make all your interactions profoundly more enjoyable.

The potential to improve your life is dramatic. Not only have the concepts of this book made a big and lasting impact on my life, it has done the same for many others.

By investing in The Perfect Close Workbook you get access to a load of complimentary online resources including: electronic versions of all the forms, models and figures, The Perfect Close Mind Map, Opportunity Research forms, Encounter Planning forms, sample Meeting Agendas, The 21 Closing Secrets Reference Guide, special reports and much more.

I will continue to add to these resources as time goes on. I hope you find them valuable as you continue to expand your skills and knowledge.

Workbook Resources

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Note: You’ll find the password for your Perfect Close Workbook Online Resources on page 144.