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20 Questions For Creating a High-Impact Agenda for Your Next Sales Call

We have been covering the six elements of sales encounter planning.  Regardless of the methodology or tools you use to plan each sales encounter, you should cover these six elements:

  1. Research
  2. Value Proposition
  3. Questions
  4. Advances
  5. Unexpected Value
  6. Agenda

In our last post we covered adding Unexpected Value to your meetings, and this week we cover creating your Agenda.

Your Sales Call Agenda

This is the list of items to be discussed during your meeting. Your prospect’s stated interests should be the main focus. Confirm your agenda with them and make sure it meets their expectation of what they want covered. You should have an agenda for every encounter. We will cover what makes an effective agenda in an upcoming post.  For now, consider the following questions as you craft your next sales agenda.

Consider the purpose of the meeting:

  • What is the meeting’s primary purpose from my prospect’s perspective?
  • What specific directives or expectations does my prospect have for this meeting?

Consider those in attendance:

  • Who from my team will join me?
  • Who from my prospect’s organization will (or should be) in attendance?
  • What are their names and titles?
  • What will be each participant’s objectives?

Consider your initial comments and interactions:

  • What will your opening comment be?
  • What will you state as the purpose of your meeting?
  • What new introductions are needed (either on the prospect’s team or your own)?
  • How will you summarize your understanding of the prospect’s current situation and challenges?

Consider your positioning:

  • What strengths do I bring to this opportunity?
  • What might the prospective client consider to be my vulnerabilities?
  • What can I do or say to increase my credibility with them?

Consider the physical logistics:

  • What is the proposed date, time, and estimated length?
  • Where will the meeting take place and in what format?
  • Who on the client’s side is coordinating the meeting?
  • Have all of the details of the meeting been confirmed?
  • Have all the materials needed for the meeting been confirmed?
  • Have attendee schedules been checked?
  • What time do you need to begin wrapping up?

FREE RESOURCE:  You can download Planning Forms for all the six planning elements along with Sample Agendas at:

Closing Tip: Agendas are powerful tools that greatly improve the likelihood that each meeting will have the outcome you desire.  Take the time to plan an agenda for each sales encounter.

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