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How This One Step Creates a 10X Return On Your Sales Time Invested

When it comes to engineering successful sales meetings the most effective return on your invested energy comes from planning.  Some studies show that every minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in execution.  That is a spectacular return by anyone’s standard.

We have been discussing sales planning.  Specifically, we have been discussing why utilizing agendas is so effective for sales professionals.  Bang-for-your-buck for your time invested, meeting agendas produce a tremendous return for a truly modest investment of time and greatly improve sales meeting effectiveness.  I find no compelling argument not to use them.

Agendas Provide a Way to Measure the Success of Your Meeting

Agendas also provide a wonderful feedback mechanism to determine the effectiveness of your meeting.  Because agendas include a stated meeting objective (see previous posts), they provide an excellent way for both you and your prospect to judge whether or not the meeting achieved its goal. From our client’s perspective, we want them to exit our meeting thinking, “Man, that was a good meeting! I’m glad I attended.”

Because you planned your meeting with an ideal advance as well as secondary/backup advances, it’s simple to measure the success of your meeting.

  • Were you able to accomplish your call objectives?
  • Did the client achieve theirs? Why or why not?
  • Is another meeting required?

Setting call objectives allows you to continuously improve the effectiveness of your meetings.

Professionals Use Agendas

It is unprofessional to not have a meeting agenda. Not having an agenda sends the message that you are a time-waster, not a value creator. Non-professionals dismiss creating an agenda and just wing it. That is a big mistake because agendas are far more powerful than most people realize.

A well crafted agenda will have a strong effect on the outcome of the meeting and it can exert influence before the meeting even happens.  They are valuable tools that greatly improve the likelihood that your meetings will have the outcomes you desire.

Agendas Help Advance The Sale

One of the biggest benefits of meeting agendas is that they provide a logical and natural way to advance the sale. The time and expectation to advance the sale is built right into the agenda! This is the time to help your client advance toward their goals. Show them the way. Show them each commitment is a step in the right direction. Encourage and challenge them to take action. When they have accomplished their objective they will be grateful, thankful, and will credit you as a contributor to their success.

This is the sweet spot of selling.

Closing Tip – Agendas are powerful tools that greatly improve the likelihood that each meeting will have the outcome you desire.

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