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7 Ways to Add Unexpected Value to Your Next Sales Encounter

We have been covering the six elements of sales encounter planning.  Regardless of the methodology or tools you use to plan each sales encounter, you should cover these six elements:

  1. Research
  2. Value Proposition
  3. Questions
  4. Advances
  5. Unexpected Value
  6. Agenda

In our last post we covered setting your Advances and this week we cover delivering Unexpected Value.

Unexpected Value

Unexpected Value is the unanticipated value your prospect receives as a result of your meeting and should be delivered on each and every sales encounter.

Delivering insight is the primary way you add value. There are nearly infinite ways to do this.  We have covered all of these in previous posts so we wont repeat them here.  But those might include:

  1. Delivering Insight
  2. Asking Powerful Questions
  3. Facilitating Understanding
  4. Helping clients See the Path to Success
  5. Sharing New Ideas & Tips
  6. Delivering Education
  7. Sharing News, Trigger Events & Insights About Their Industry

The key to adding Unexpected Value is preparation.  Ask yourself, “What unexpected value will I bring to this meeting?”  That question is almost universally ignored by salespeople today.  Very few salespeople give any thought to the value prospects will receive from meeting with them.

By consistently delivering value on each and every encounter we train prospects to see us as valuable resources, domain experts, and trusted advisers who can help them achieve the outcomes they desire.

Fortunately, the number of ways to add value to any given sales encounter is virtually limitless. The key is simply to prepare.

By thoughtfully preparing in advance, we can share something that this specific prospect will find valuable at this specific time.  When we do this, our clients and prospects will find each meeting with us both valuable and enjoyable, and they will look forward to continuing that pattern throughout the sales process and long after the sale is closed.

Closing Tip:  Prepare Unexpected Value for every sales encounter.

Until next time!


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