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Why Your Agenda is the Secret Ingredient for Your Next Sales Encounter

Agendas position you as a true professional and advisor.  Your agenda is a reflection of you, your company, and your professionalism.  Clients and prospects alike will project much about the value of the meeting and your professionalism from the quality of your agenda.  Make sure your agenda reflects the professional image you want by also looking professional in its appearance.

Maintain An Agenda Template

It can be a challenge to develop an agenda from scratch for every sales encounter.  So It is helpful to maintain a meeting agenda template to get you started.  Your whole agenda should fit on a single piece of paper. Simplicity is key.  It should be clear and easy to follow at a glance.



Supporting Materials

If you have attachments for the agenda (e.g., reports, documents, images, etc.), include them in your email and consider putting them online via secure hyperlink so attendees can access these reference documents.  If they are not needed prior to the meeting, consider distributing a hard copy at the meeting.

Agendas Add Importance to Your Meeting

All by themselves, simply because they exist, agendas will increase your prospects’ perceived importance of your meetings. One of my C-level executive friends uses the existence of a written agenda to determine whether or not he will attend any given meeting. He told me, “If it’s not important enough to have a written agenda, it’s not important enough for me to attend.” Your written agenda will enhance your professional image and your prospect’s perception that you are able to effectively make things happen.

Closing Tip: Develop an agenda template you can use to jump-start the agenda for each sales encounter.

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