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The Top 1% Mindset – A Book Review of A Mind for #Sales by Mark Hunter

A Mind For Sales by Mark Hunter

A Mind For Sales by Mark Hunter

The wisdom of the ages is that we become what we think about.  And that makes the mind both a beautiful servant and a dangerous master.  I would say that as far as careers go this is even more true in sales.  Expert Mark Hunter takes this issue head on in his new book A Mind for Sales: Daily Habits and Practical Strategies for Sales Success and nails it completely.

How The Book is Organized

A Mind for Sales is organized into five salient and easily digestible sections:

  1. Your Mind Drives Your Success
  2. Your Greatest Assets
  3. Minefields and Mind Traps
  4. Don’t Let Your Customers Control Your Mind
  5. The Future of Sales

Your Mind Drives Your Success

Either we control our mind, or our mind controls us. In section one Hunter focuses on having the right attitude towards selling and goal setting. Here we discover the mindset that successful sellers adopt to make sales more than just a job and have long-lasting motivation.

Your Greatest Assets

As sales professionals our greatest assets are our mind, our time and our network, and in this section, Hunter details how to leverage those assets for maximal success which includes a couple of surprises.

Minefields and Mind Traps

Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought and in this section, Hunter goes through considerable detail in what I think are the top six pitfalls that trip up sales professionals and cause them to under-perform.  There is new perspective here and applying the principles in this section alone will pay for the book 100 times over.

Don’t Let Your Customer Control Your Mind

This section sounds like it’s about controlling customers – but it’s not.  In fact, it’s 100% about serving them.  In this section Mark outlines the dynamics that serve customers most including simplifying the sales process, asking tough provocative questions, the best way to respond to “No” and the importance of understanding the unique nuances of each customer.

The Future of Sales

Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter The Sales Hunter

In this final section The Sales Hunter speaks to the dysfunction of calling the beginning of a relationship a “close” and I agree heartily.  Here he speaks to the authentic mindset of selling and what the future of selling looks like for all of us.


I love A Mind for Sales.  It covers sales mindset in a way that has never been done.  It is not a book of mindful platitudes but rather a very specific, very practical book on getting your mind in the right place and then leveraging that mindset into action.


Mark Hunter has written a genius book here that cuts right to the core of what makes the top 1 percent successful in sales — you, the sales professional, are the biggest factor. You are more important than all the technology in the world, and A Mind for Sales delivers tight, practical medicine for leveraging your greatest asset — your mind — to not only sell more but to enjoy life while you’re doing it. Every sales professional should read this book!


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