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Book Review of Selling From The Heart by Larry Levine

Every now and then I encounter a book that is both challenging and inspiring. Larry Levine’s Selling From the Heart is just such a book. It calls you out in areas you know you can do better in while revving up your enthusiasm and motivation.

Larry Levine

Selling From The Heart – Larry Levine

Author Larry Levine hails from the office technology space and has a spectacular track record selling in one of the most competitive markets in the world. I had the pleasure of meeting Larry at the OutBound sales conference in Atlanta and found him to one of the most genuine and authentic people I have ever met. In Selling From the Heart Larry shares some of the magic that has made him so successful.

Strait Talk

Selling From the Heart opens with an unabashed confession from Larry that he won’t hold back. He’s going to say the things other people are unwilling to say. And this is the very thing that makes Selling From the Heart so special. Larry has a way of challenging with love. Offering critique without denigrating. Authentically encouraging you to be the best you can be.

What’s Inside

Selling From the Heart has two sections:

  1. Finding Your Authentic You
  2. The Sales Skills of an Authentic Sales Professional

Developing Your Personal Brand

Part one is primarily about developing your personal brand – not so much in the marketing sense but rather defining what you stand for. It’s about your unique story, your mindset, being authentic and the human side of selling that Larry emulates so well.

This is extremely important and introspective work that is all too rare in the field of sales. What it does, however, is get your personal and professional values in complete alignment. And this alignment, quite frankly, supercharges motivation.

Authentic Sales Skills

Larry Levine

Part two of Selling From the Heart is devoted to the skills of authentic selling. While there is some overlap here with skills that one would consider traditional selling such prospecting, more focus is given to the skills necessary to connect at the highest level with customers. We learn about Servant Led-Selling, taking care of clients and the importance of continuing education.

All of these areas focus on how to serve clients at the highest level and forging genuinely authentic relationships that last.


This book struck a chord and really resonated with me. It’s an uncommon but very important topic in selling. Larry Levine will challenge you many times within the pages of Selling From the Heart. And the outcome is both motivating and exhilarating.

Selling From the Heart will trigger a desire to be your best, authentic, sales self. I’m pretty motivated, and still I found myself committing to an even higher level of sales excellence as I turned the final page. I love this book and I recommend it every sales professional who desires to kindle their passion for excellence in sales.

You can find Selling From The Heart on AMAZON.

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