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Book Review – Patrick Tinney’s Perpetual Hunger – The Only Book of its Kind

Perpetual Hunger by Patrick Tinney

I read a tremendous number of sales books every year and Perpetual Hunger is the first book of its kind that I have encountered. Patrick Tinney hails from the world of big-time retail sales which, at times, can be one of the most cutthroat business sectors. The insights in Perpetual Hunger are useful for every kind of sale and especially so if you happen to be from Patrick Tinney’s world.

The book walks through virtually all the stages of the sales cycle and includes helpful exercises throughout. I found helpful sections on developing value propositions and messages both at the beginning as well as later in a section on scripting meetings.

Patrick delves into the importance of planning before each encounter and the nuances of making each experience excellent for the client and offers practical advice on how to genuinely solve problems for customers.

I enjoyed Part 3 on Relationships & Trust the best. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised on how important this is even the most cutthroat of environments. This section includes excellent information on framing meetings, sharing insights, pricing dynamics, dealing with procurement and walking away from bad business.

Patrick Tinney

Patrick is a negotiation expert as evidenced by his excellent work “Unlocking Yes” so the coup de grâce is the final section where he share 7 key strategies on win-win negotiation and other details from his previous work.

For me the book started good and just continued to get better. I learned much about a world I knew little of and found those lessons applicable to the enterprise sales world I live in today. I would recommend this book to anyone who seeks a complete overview of enterprise B2B sales and doubly so if you are in retail.


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