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Book Review – A Winning Brand by Kraig Kleeman

A Winning Brand

According to LinkedIn almost 60% of potential customers will look up a salesperson online before engaging with them. They also report that 50% of buyers avoid sales professionals with incomplete LinkedIn profiles. While these are LinkedIn statistics they are equally valid for other social media channels.

This is why I was excited to receive an advance copy of Kraig Kleeman’s latest work A Winning Brand – How to Build a Powerful, Personal Brand in Today’s Modern, Digital World. This is the book I wish I had years ago when I was first working to establish my brand. For me the road was rocky and full of potholes.

If you don’t know Kraig then you should know that he is the world’s greatest cold caller and creator of the Must React System for generating opportunities and I can vouch that it produces results. What Kraig has done here in A Winning Brand is share the efforts he has used to successfully develop his own brand.

A Winning Brand makes no assumptions about where you might be in your knowledge of social media or personal branding. In this work you will learn how to create your personal brand from scratch. While more experienced folks may want to skip over some of the material they already know I applaud this approach because it makes the whole work very accessible to those new to the territory.

This work is step-by-step. Kraig literally walks you through all the steps necessary to develop your brand using social media and other channels.

Kraig Kleeman

I found some important branding insights on how to attract the right kind of customer and increase your personal influence and differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

Kraig’s passion and writing style is contagious and fun. The whole work is a very easy read. I would recommend A Winning Brand to salespeople and entrepreneurs who are looking for an easy step-by-step approach to starting and building a personal brand that will make a difference in your selling.

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