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How to Close A Sale 95% of the Time with James Muir, Episode #4

James Muir speaking on Selling with Social Pdocast

How to Close A Sale 95% of the Time with James Muir, Episode #4

If you want to know the BEST way to close a sale, my guest today is going to teach you the method he’s developed over the years that is successful 95% of the time. James Muir is a professional sales trainer, best-selling author, speaker, and coach. James has shattered records as both a field rep. and manager. His guidance comes from the school of hard knocks. Three decades of experience has given James a fresh and practical perspective on what works in real life and what doesn’t. On this episode of #SellingWithSocial, you’re going to learn the two questions that move the close forward and how to think differently about your role in the sales process so that you are more successful in every sales interaction. I hope you’ll take the time to learn James’ simple but powerful sales closing formula.

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James Muir

Is it true that you should always be closing?

You’ve probably heard the phrase a lot in recent years – “Always be closing.” But my guest on this episode of #SellingWithSocial and I agree, it’s not the way salespeople should be thinking. The attitude behind the phrase is one of pressure and relentless pursuit when what sales professionals should be thinking is about how they can best discover the prospect’s needs and provide the solutions to those needs in a way that clearly helps. On this episode, James Muir and I talk about how selling is NOT about persuasion, how the right questions enable the prospect to feel understood and considered throughout the sales process, and why selling is serving. You’ll get a lot out of this conversation. I know I did.

Learn the perfect close formula that helps new sales reps learn on the fly.

James Muir is focused on helping individuals and teams improve and streamline their business practices. In his training, he covers a variety of today’s most important topics, including closing, productivity, management, lead generation, sales strategies, and authentic sales skills. What he’s discovered is that his “perfect close” method enables brand new sales reps to learn on the fly and gain confidence through success as they practice a proven sales closing formula. James has a couple of stories about how his method has been used with tremendous effectiveness and one account of how a green sales rep got it all wrong – and he shares both on this episode of the podcast.

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Why selling is not about persuasion, it’s about leadership and coaching.

Most people view sales with skepticism. They think that it’s about persuading people to do something they may not want to do. But my guest on this episode of #SellingWithSocial says that sales is NOT about persuasion at all. It’s about leadership and coaching. Leadership, because the sales professional is leading the prospect both to see their need clearly and understand the ways the sales organization can meet that need, and coaching because the salesperson is establishing themselves as a trusted resource and consultant through the WAY that they interact with the prospect. James Muir has some incredible insights into these realities so I hope you’ll take the time to learn from him.

Selling is serving and intent matters more than technique.

If you go into any sales meeting with a tool box full of slick sales techniques, you probably won’t be as successful at closing the sale as you might expect. That’s because intent matters more than technique. My guest today, James Muir believes that when you truly care about your client’s needs and are genuinely trying to serve them, they pick up on that and tend to trust you. But when you come in with a toolbox full of techniques and only have your eye on the close, they pick up on that too. James is a professional who has proven himself in the trenches and knows what it takes to close the sale and care deeply for the customer at the same time. He’s the kind of sales coach every sales professional needs. Be sure to listen.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] My introduction of today’s guest, James Muir.
  • [3:00] How James Muir ended up in the sales world.
  • [6:33] Why James wrote “The Perfect Close” and who it is for.
  • [8:56] The traps salespeople fall into when it comes to closing sales.
  • [13:50] The two question that are pivotal to every effective close.
  • [20:30] The “something special” story of how NOT to do the close.
  • [28:33] How James’ perfect close formula helps new sales reps learn on the fly.
  • [34:05] How changes in buyer behaviors have impacted selling in today’s environment.
  • [40:41] One piece of advice James gives to sales leaders.
  • [41:27] How you can connect with James Muir.

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