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How to Get and Stay Motivated in Sales

We’ve been covering the four key areas high leverage in prospecting.

  • Market
  • Message
  • Medium
  • Motivation

The last and most important area is motivation.  None of these strategies will work if we wont work.

The Key Question

So they key question is:  How do I get motivated and how to I stay motivated?  Especially in the face of challenges and setbacks?

“How do I get and stay motivated?”

The Three Keys to Sustained Motivation in Sales

I’m going to share three keys, that if you follow, you’ll be able to tap into a well of sustained, long-lasting motivation.  And the first of those requires that you answer a question.

What Do You Want?

The first question is: “What do you want?”

Why do you get up in the morning?  What are you trying to accomplish?

Maybe it’s financial independence.  Maybe you want to be recognized for being the top in your field.  Or maybe it’s the happiness that comes from sharing with your family and others.

Whatever it is, it’s important that you know.  Because it literally drives everything else.

I’ll be straight-up with you.  It’s not an easy question for a lot of people.  But your answer to this question is absolutely KEY for sustained motivation.

And that brings us to a key point:

Key Point – Knowing what you want is absolutely key for sustained motivation.

Do You Have Clarity?

It’s critical to know what we’re aiming at because it provides clarity.  And in previous posts we learned that clarity makes every goal easier.

Without clarity your mind wastes 30-40% of its CPU cycle trying to figure what to do next and why.

So it’s critically important to ask yourself, “What do I really want right now?”

And the reason clarity is so important is because your current job is an excellent vehicle to get you there…  If you know what you want.

The Sales Profession Has Unlimited Potential

Unlike any other profession, sales offers unlimited possibilities.  It scales.  We can earn as much as we want.  In fact, you might be surprised to discover that sales represents the 4th largest category of millionaires in the US.

Here’s just a small sampling of sales professionals that have become millionaires or even billionaires.

Millionaire Sales Professionals

These millionaires have many things in common.  And one of those things is they they know what they want.  This is a key point.

Key Point – Motivation requires motive.

You can’t hit your target if you don’t know what you’re aiming at.  Clarity around what you want is the critical first step to long-lasting, sustained motivation.

If you haven’t taken the time to write down what what you want, stop everything and invest the time. You’ll never be able to achieve sustained motivation until you have clarity around the things you really want in life.  This is the first of the three great keys to motivation in sales and one you have decided what you really want you will be ready for the next of the remaining two keys of motivation which I will share next time.

For now, your action item is to invest the time to get clarity around what you really want in life.

Motivation Secret:  Motivation requires motive.  Knowing what you want is absolutely key for sustained motivation.

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