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Is This Dynamic Working For You or Against You?

We have answered two of the Three Magic Pre-call Questions:

  1. Why should this client see me?
  2. What do I want the client to do?

And now, we turn to the third of these three important questions, “How can I add value on this encounter?

It’s critical that we add value on every single sales encounter. Twenty years ago it was not as important that salespeople deliver anything beyond information about their products and services. Because of the Internet all of that has changed. It’s now vital that we make the sales experience itself valuable for clients.

Every Sales Interaction Must be Inherently Valuable

It would be hard to overstate the impact of this new dynamic. Delivering value on each and every sales encounter is about staying relevant to the buyer. Without it, they no longer need you. So it is imperative that we ask ourselves “How can I add value on this encounter?” on every sales interaction. When we add value on each encounter we train our prospects and clients to see us as valuable resources, domain experts, and trusted advisers who can help them achieve the outcomes they desire.

How we sell is a sample of how we solve, and prospects are sampling our value on each and every encounter. They sum up their experiences with us and extrapolate them into what they think their future experiences will be with both us and the companies we represent. This is an extremely strong sales dynamic that can work for you or against you on every interaction – and it’s definitely working against most sales individuals in sales today.

Are you thinking about yourself or the client?

Most salespeople go into each sales interaction thinking about what’s in it for them rather than what value the client will receive. Unfortunately, this sends the precisely wrong message to our prospects and clients. It is this third question, “How can I provide value on this encounter?” that is almost universally ignored in selling today.

How to add value to each sales encounter is a rich an important topic that deserves our attention.  It’s easy to say “Add value on every encounter.” but it’s another thing to describe exactly how to to do that.

For that reason the following series of posts we will be breaking down the subject of making your meeting inherently valuable and share with you exactly how to add value in a way that your clients and prospects will find each meeting with you both valuable and enjoyable, and they will look forward to continuing that pattern throughout the sales process and long after the sale is closed.

Closing tip:  Every sales interaction must be inherently valuable.  Ask yourself, “How can I add value on this encounter?”

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