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Do You Know The Three Magic Pre-call Questions?

I want to make make every one of your sales calls massively more effective.  All of them.

For that reason I want to introduce you to the Three Magic Pre-call Questions.

You should know the answer to each of these important questions before going into any sales encounter. If you master the habit of answering these three questions before every sales encounter, you will find your effectiveness in sales magnified many times over. In fact, some of my clients have told me that mastering this habit alone made them 10,000 times more effective than they were before.  So it’s worth perfecting and incorporating into your daily activities.

Here are the Three Magic Pre-call Questions:

Prior to every sales encounter—whether in person, by phone, or otherwise — answer the following three questions:

  1. Why should this client see me?
  2. What do I want the client to do?
  3. How can I provide value on this encounter?

In upcoming posts we are going to dig into each of these questions further.  For now, do a short exercise right now that will benefit you greatly.  Look at your calendar, take your next five appointments, and for each appointment answer these three short questions on a piece of paper.

We’re trying to give you an “ah-ha” moment here so really do it.  You’ll be glad you did.

What did you discover?  Was it easy, or did you find it challenging?

Most folks can do a decent job of answering the second question (though we will greatly improve on that with upcoming posts). However, all three questions can throw people for a loop which is why we will discuss each question individually.

By mastering the habit to ask and answer these three questions before each sales encounter each sales encounter will be inherently valuable to your clients and you will achieve an unbroken chain of successful advances that will ultimately lead to closing more sales.

Stay tuned!

Closing Tip:  Answer the 3 Magic Pre-call questions before every sales encounter.

Until next time!


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