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Listen to How to Close for Non-Salespeople – Selling is Serving with Nicole Holland on the Business Building Rockstars Show

I’m honored to have been recently featured as a “Rockstar” on Nicole Holland’s popular Business Building Rockstars Show (also known as the BBRShow).  Nicole Holland invites successful entrepreneurs across a wide range of niches into the hot seat for unscripted conversations about what it really takes to reach Rockstar status.

We discuss a number of interesting and valuable topics in this spontaneous and high-energy interview including:

  • How Entrepreneurs & Subject Matter Experts Often Struggle With Selling
  • The Dangers of Overselling
  • Why Selling is Not About Persuasion or Manipulation
  • Why We See Some Sales Differently Than Others
  • How Selling is Serving
  • 2 Zero-Pressure Questions You Can Ask to Advance Every Opportunity
  • How to Add Value At The Same Time You Advance & Close Your Sales
  • Why No-Decision is Your Biggest Competitor
  • How to Be Successful Advancing Your Sale 95% of the Time
  • And much more…

We were really gellin’ on the interview!

I think entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and anyone looking to improve their closing skills will get a lot out of this amazing interview with Nicole.  In fact, if you like straight talk without a bunch of fluffy rhetoric you’ll love BBBRShow in general.  These expert interviews have been saving me both heartache and tons of money by making me aware of all the traps these other experts have encountered.  I highly recommend it!

Business Building Rockstars Show with Nicole Holland featuring James Muir

Direct Links to The Podcast:

Full Episode Page With Show Link, Transcript & Streaming (best link):

(direct link to episode not supported so you’ll have to search for the episode)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Until next time!


PS – If you like this let me know.  I’ll include more.  I have conducted over 50 interviews on The Perfect Close.  You can find more podcast interviews I’ve done on my blog in the “podcast” & “interview” categories!  : )

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