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James Muir, the author of The Perfect Close. He’s an accidental sales person. Started out in operations assisting sales team. He was drafted without knowing how to advance a meeting to the next stage. He created this method as an outcome of his own experience.

Statistically, what happens is no question is asked to advance the sale. 50-90% of sales meetings end without a salesperson asking for any commitment, depending on industry. This number is way higher than those who ask “incorrectly” – at least they ASK.

What is it in the psychology of sales or people that prevents them from asking for the sale? If sales people are not comfortable with the method they’ve been taught – manipulative – they won’t do it at all.

Teach them away that is in alignment with their personal values, there is no difficulty asking

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In this episode, James Muir covered:

1. Fear of asking to early or being pushy.

2. Fear of the “No”.

Both of these involved in feeling manipulative or moving the process too fast. You need to have an idea of your ideal outcome of the meeting, but you should also have a couple of positive alternatives.

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