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How to Do The Perfect Close on YouTube With Tim Hughes

I was recently featured on Tim Hughes “Tim Talks” YouTube talk-show   I am a big fan of Tim Hughes, his book and his YouTube channel.

Tim just happened to ask the perfect combination of questions for you to hear how to perform almost all the variations of The Perfect Close on this one interview!  If you don’t have the book, haven’t gotten to chapter 12 yet, or just want a refresher – I highly recommend this video!  It’s all there!

It’s quite a lot of content for the limited time we had.  I think you’ll enjoy it!

Here is the direct link:

Direct YouTube link

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Until next time!


PS – If you like this let me know.  I’ll include more.  I have conducted over 50 interviews on The Perfect Close.  You can find more podcast interviews I’ve done on my blog in the “podcast” & “interview” categories!  : )

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