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The Razor’s Edge – Hosted by Barbara Giamanco – The Perfect Close with James Muir

Really enjoyed this interview with sales and social media expert Barbara Giamanco on The Razor’s Edge podcast show.  Barb and I were gellin’ on the approach with proposals.  Check it out.

The Razor's Edge - Hosted by Barbara Giamanco

The Razor’s Edge – Hosted by Barbara Giamanco

In this episode, I talked with James Muir, author of The Perfect Close: The Secret to Closing Sales. During our conversation, you will learn what promoted James to write the book. And did you know that the more often you try to close during a sales conversation, your chances of success actually decrease by a pretty significant margin? James also debunks some other myths about closing sales that just might surprise you.

We also talked about:

The traps that salespeople fall into when trying to close the business.

Why intent is a big deal in selling.

Why James’ makes a bold statement and says that his approach is 95% effective. Listen to learn what makes it work.

The two questions that lead you in the direction of gaining commitment.

And more…

Enjoy the interview!

Barbara Giamanco

Barbara Giamanco

Barbara Giamanco

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