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You’re Making It Too Hard – Listen to Jeff, Christie & James on The Why And The Buy Podcast

I absolutely love this interview with Jeff Bajorek and Christie Walters on their amazing show The Why And They Buy Podcast.  We talk about our tendency to overthink, over-complicate and over-analyze things.  Salespeople make the sales process harder than it really is.  On this interview we not only discuss how we over-complicate things – we share the simpler way to do things – including closing, facilitating, warmth, competence, unexpected value and more!

Jeff Bajorek, Christie Walters & James Muir on The Why And The Buy Podcast

Here’s what you’ll find in this interview:

3:45 – Being an “accidental salesperson”
7:06 – Is “The Perfect Close” too easy to be true?
10:30 – When searching online for ‘how to close’ you’ll find people regurgitating the same flawed closes that haven’t worked since the 50’s.
14:02 – How to make clients *want* to see you
18:30 – What’s the difference between being warm and just being nice?
22:00 – The common denominator between unrecognized problems, unanticipated solutions and unseen opportunities
27:50 – The importance of conveying the intent
30:00 – How sales has unlimited potential
34:00 – What is The Perfect Close?
40:00 – The “fall-back” and “add-on” variations of The Perfect Close
44:20 – Why mentioning a discount means you’re giving a discount
50:18 – Being the prospect’s advocate

This may just be my favorite interview ever.  They’ve had some impressive guests on their show.  I think you’ll enjoy their other episodes as well.

Direct Links to The Podcast:

Full Episode Page With Show Link, Transcript & Streaming (best link):

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


PS – If you like this let me know.  I’ll include more.  I have conducted over 50 interviews on The Perfect Close.  You can find more podcast interviews I’ve done on my blog in the “podcast” & “interview” categories!  : )

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